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Mainly, l am advocating for self-directed education. Children are capable of managing their lives and their education, and they need to have control over their time and activities. This can be achieved through unschooling (i.e. homeschooling without pushing your children to learn specific things), through different philosophies of schooling, and also in all kinds of communities. Democratic education is a subset of self-directed education, and the Sudbury approach is a subset of democratic education.

Note: The following links to lists should help you find schools, but you should investigate yourself if you agree with a particular school’s philosophy. Be aware that anybody can call themselves a democratic school or a Sudbury school, there is no official body overseing these names (and I think there should not be).

List of democratic schools worldwide:

List of Sudbury Schools worldwide:

Map of member schools of the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC):

Map of democratic schools worldwide, managed by AERO:

Map of democtatic schools worldwide, managed by International Democratic Education Network:

Map of Self-Directed Education communities and other resources, by Alliance for Self-Directed Education:

Map of different educational philosophies worldwide, focus on Spanish- and Portugese-speaking countries:

Map of progressive education, focus on the UK

Map of Agile Learning Centers worldwide

Map of schools in Germany that are a member of “Bundesverband Freier Alternativschulen”