Hundred observations in two weeks


My drawing of a student’s favorite toy

This article was written in March 2016 and published in the Diablo Valley Newsletter, the “Free Times”. It is a loose collection of observations without additional explanations, interpretations or judgments.

I have seen 120 eggs getting colored by students, and I colored my own with “DVS” in graffiti-style letters. I drew two Little Pet Shop animals with markers on paper and gave it to children. I drew a Graffiti style on paper and made some studies of Gary Larson’s “The Far Side”. I have seen a six students sitting in Judicial Committee for more than two hours. An older student helped a kid get up on the fridge, then the kid happily ate a banana and later voted for a sentence while still sitting on top of the fridge. I have seen JC-clerks respectfully asking witnesses and suspects, I have seen witnesses telling the truth, in rare cases caught lying. I have seen suspects pleading guilty or no contest (during my visit, some also pleaded not guilty, but I was not in the room). Continue reading